Training & Coaching

Let us train and coach your people through the change journey to optimise your results

Your dedicated Change Coach will:

  • Understand project goals, business objectives and align with the overall strategy

  • Integrate with core project team including key stakeholders

  • Undertake full analysis of change programme including any special requirements 

  • Obtain an understanding of the team and individual dynamics in order to create meaningful, effective content

  • Develop and deliver a clear action and  communication plan for all stages of the change programme to help employees feel consulted and engaged

  • Ensure everyone has a voice 

Your dedicated Change Coach will:

  • Create a tailored training programme for the team/individuals based on business and personal requirements

  • Deliver training as agreed with key stakeholders 

  • Encourage inclusivity and diversity of ideas and creativity to fully engage and empower all team members

  • Provide a toolkit to enable the team throughout the change journey and beyond 

  • Ensure open and honest two way communication/feedback to ensure effectiveness of the training

  • Complete your entire training programme on time and within budget

Your dedicated Change Coach will:

  • Build a relationship with each team member

  • Create physical and mental space for personal development and growth

  • Understand individual challenges, strengths and motivations

  • Develop personalised coaching plans based on business and personal goals

  • Identify and overcome any obstacles to change 

  • Seamlessly integrate all coaching with the broader change training programme

  • Inspire and energise individuals about the programme of change and the opportunities and benefits for them as individuals

  • Develop resilience and a positive outlook