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Understanding the real cost of managing your office move...

We find ourselves looking at another 6 months of remote working and tweaking our COVID policies and procedures once again as we consider how best to support people who can work from home and those who must travel to the office.

You may also be seriously considering your future office requirements, weighing up overheads with employee engagement and of course, productivity. Many organisations will decide to use their office space differently, perhaps more creatively, whilst others will be moving office altogether. Whatever your strategy, people, desks and IT equipment will likely need to be moved at some point – temporarily or permanently.

After tasking a reliable senior team member to organise the move, inevitably the budget needs to be agreed. One of the first line items to be scrubbed is 'Professional Move Manager' which is understandable given the current economic climate, but is it a false economy?

Even the simplest of moves has so many interconnected, continuously moving parts that need to be synchronised. There are countless variances to juggle and multiple communication channels. All it takes is the slightest miss to significantly impact cost, lead times and ultimately disruption to yours and your clients' business.

Using your internal team to manage the office move typically results in:

  • Taking your teams focus away from delivering business as usual

  • Increased stress on the people dealing with the office move, leading to illness and demotivation

  • Unrest in the team, leading to low morale and disengagement

  • Unanticipated costs due to unforeseen issues and delays

  • Disruption to the business if the team cannot hit the ground running on day one in the new location (typically IT related)

  • Loss in productivity whilst employees adjust to their new office/surroundings

  • Decrease in your clients' satisfaction

  • Sleepless nights for the stakeholder(s) due to feeling lack of control/lack of assurance that all is in hand

It makes for frightening reading! However, a professional move management service will deliver your office move on time, within budget, with minimal business downtime and without costing you any more than your internal alternative.

A successful move requires meticulous planning, effective communication, collaboration, employee engagement and proactive steps that prevent business disruption. We can deliver as much or as little as you need, but our most popular package includes:

  • Capturing detailed stakeholder requirements to build the end to end move programme

  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities to avoid any confusion or duplication

  • Budget management

  • Management of the supplier procurement process and oversight of suppliers

  • Creation and implementation of a communication plan for all stakeholders, suppliers and employees

  • Capturing, understanding and managing everyone's special requirements

  • Proactively detect and manage potential issues

  • Engaging with the people moving by keeping them informed, listening to their needs and minimising the time/effort required in the physical move

  • Detailed upward/downward reporting to ensure alignment

  • Sign off/approval from stakeholders before final communication of detailed move plan to all parties

  • Onsite supervision of move, starting with a walkthrough on the day before and finishing with onsite support on day one to address any questions

  • Thorough debrief to ensure continuous improvement

Let us help you to make your office move a success without the additional time, cost, and stress!

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