Office Relocation

Let us save you time, money and stress with your office move

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Understand project goals, business objectives and align with the overall strategy

  • Integrate with core project team including key stakeholders, and recruit office move champions

  • Communicate roles, responsibilities and critical handling path

  • Arrange progress checkpoints to ensure everyone is informed and aligned

  • Undertake full analysis of move including any special requirements and continually update a comprehensive tracker

  • Develop and deliver a clear communication plan for all stages of the office move to help employees feel consulted and engaged

  • Ensure everyone has a voice 

  • Coordinate and schedule all office move tasks and logistics

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Have in-depth knowledge of what to anticipate during the office move

  • Proactively manage anticipated issues to mitigate risk

  • Meticulously plan and prepare to minimise any downtime/disruption to business

  • Continually manage project deliverables, timeframe and budget 

  • Use cost-saving strategies wherever possible

  • Complete your office move on time and within budget

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Work with you to shortlist potential removal companies

  • Develop removal RFP, along with inventories and floor plans

  • Schedule and conduct site walk-through with potential vendors

  • Analyse move bids, summarise and make recommendations

  • Issue pre-printed labels and instructions to movers (alongside an all-hands call to address any last-minute questions)

  • Issue comprehensive activity schedules to all parties 

  • Coordinate building logistics including loading bays and goods lift access

  • Provide on-site supervision at both origin and destination to execute the comprehensive office move schedule precisely, so that your team can be up and running immediately after the move  

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Assess existing furniture condition and reusability 

  • Provide detailed furniture inventory

  • Manage furniture clearance/recycling

  • Assist with reconfiguration planning 

  • Provide support for the new furniture procurement process

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Be an experienced project manager

  • Have deep change management experience

  • Put the people at the centre of everything they do

Your dedicated Move Manager will:

  • Provide movers with an arrival/welcome pack including pertinent information

  • Remain on-site to address any questions that may arise on day one after the move

  • Provide debrief and summary of findings to stakeholders