Client Case Studies

International Bank, Luxembourg - Office Move 

The Background

Our client had an urgent requirement to vacate one of their buildings. The broader project involved a restack of their remaining buildings whilst implementing a new desk booking system to encourage a more flexible approach to using their office space. 

We were asked to carry out the complex office move as part of the overall programme, requiring us to seamlessly integrate with the project team responsible for the broader changes.  


Part of the scope of works was to manage the decommissioning and recommissioning of existing IT equipment as well as installing new equipment. Due to very tight timescales and fixed completion date, we appointed our most experienced Move Manager who was able to 

confidently consult on all aspects of the project including detailed planning, stakeholder management, pre-move preparation, key activities and milestones, post-move support and risk/cost management.  

Planning & Preparation 

A comprehensive plan was designed and implemented to ensure that we could work around the needs of the organisation and other important contractors undertaking the fit-out of additional buildings. The project was managed remotely from our London office with the Move Manager and dedicated IT team travelling to be on-site for the three move weekends.  


Before the moves took place, preparatory work including collation of user information, identification of fixed users, timed deliveries of crates and materials and key communications were carried out in 

collaboration with move champions and employees to ensure a seamless transition.  


Staff left their old 'fixed desk' locations and smoothly transitioned to the new flexible desk booking system without any issues. Curious Giraffes ensured all personal belongings were delivered to preassigned lockers and also managed the moving of furniture and IT equipment. After the final move weekend, Curious Giraffes ensured that the site was completely cleared of furniture, equipment, filing and IT and ready to be handed back to the landlord. Due to the fixed timescales and high volume of staff, move sequencing was critical to the successful outcome of this office move.  


The Outcome: 

Over three weekends Curious Giraffes moved and restacked 1,700 people over 40 floors and 6 buildings. Throughout the project our experienced Move Manager was on-site, overseeing all the project activities, keeping teams aligned, providing useful guidance and support to our customer and making sure everything went to plan. To ensure business continuity, our IT technicians were on-site each of the three Monday mornings to provide hands-on support and deal immediately with any IT requirements. The client was able to rely on us to take complete responsibility for the entire office move part of the project so that they could continue servicing their clients and achieve their desired outcome of streamlining their offices. 

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